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How do I ensure I have enough tiles for my job?

Check your sanitaryware upon delivery

I've ordered my goods, now what?


How do I ensure I have enough tiles for my project? 


It is good practice to order extra tiles when tiling a wall or floor. The standard industry advisory is to order a minimum of 10% extra than the area measured. Sometimes more will be required, depending on the size of the tile, the layout (e.g. herringbone pattern uses many more offcuts than brick bond) and the size of the tile. Please consider carefully what your project will require before placing your order, as subsequent orders will mean more delivery charges and tiles may not be available in the same batch.


Check your sanitaryware upon delivery


Sometimes products are damaged during installation or by a subsequent trade carrying out works, e.g. following a bath installation a tile may be dropped during fixing, damaging the bath. For this reason, sanitaryware items must be thoroughly checked before installation and damages must be reported before installation has begun and within 48 hours of receipt of the products. To open a claim for damages please follow the procedure further down this page.



Check your order when it arrives


You have 48 hours from the delivery date in which to check your order and open a claim for any damages. If you suspect or find that there are some damages, please take lots of quality photos in good lighting. Photos taken as the pallet/ parcel is unwrapped are best as we get to see them in context.

If your order contains tiles you must also check, within 48 hours, that each tile type consists of the same batch and calibre where applicable.  If you need assistance with this please contact the web team who will be happy to assist.




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