Disconnecting Sheet

Disconnecting Sheet

For laying a temporary tiled floor in a rented property or for tiling over a contaminated floor


Supplied in roll form, Nicobond Disconnecting Sheet is a synthetic fabric with a bonded mesh combination which disconnects the tile installation from the surface.  Nicobond Disconnecting Sheet allows floor tiles to be laid in temporary accommodation, showrooms and exhibition areas where tiles can be installed, then subsequently lifted and removed easily with no damage or penetration to the subfloor. 


Suitable Applications: 

• Old layers of tiles
• Old adhesive bed 
• Old cement screed
• Heated screed
• Magnesite and poured asphalt screed
• Painted surfaces 
• Fixed parquet flooring 
• PVC and plastic flooring 


Designed to be used in areas where a temporary solution for bedding tiles is required, it is also ideal as an uncoupling membrane where the condition of the floor does not facilitate good adhesion between the tile adhesive and the substrate such as old or contaminated screeds tiled or painted surfaces.