General Information

Electrical Take Back Waste Scheme

As part of our environmental initiative, we will take back any electrical goods that our customers purchase from us.


What will you take back?

As a distributor of WEEE waste we offer a ‘take back scheme’ of any electronic goods that we sell. Bought an electric shower from us? We will accept your old electric shower unit free of charge. This is the same for any other electric products that we sell.


I didn’t buy my old unit from you, only the new one. Will you still take it?

Yes, we will take back any electrical item that our products replace regardless of whether you originally bought it from us.


What will happen to the waste products?

This waste will be logged then disposed of using the correct, approved channels for WEEE waste collection.


How long have I got to bring the old items back?

You have 28 days from the purchase of the new, replacement item to bring the waste item back.