Nicobond Plastic Ply

Nicobond Plastic Ply

Nicobond Plastic Ply

A timber reinforcing sheet that facilitates the bonding of ceramic, porcelain and natural stones to timberfloors. With its honeycomb structure, Plastic Ply counteracts deflective forces which prevents fractured or cracked tiles caused by the natural movement of timber, as well as point load.


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Features & Benefits

  • Easy to cut and install
  • Self adhesive sheets
  • Strong durable material
  • Ready to tile onto immediately
  • Size of sheet 600 x 500mm
  • Thickness: 2mm
  • Moisture resistant
  • Time saving
  • Compatible with undertile heating
  • Does not rot or warp


Most buildings today are constructed from timber frames. When installing tiles, a sub floor is required to protect the tiles from damage and stress from movement.  Damage to tiles occur such as cracks or being  uplifted due to the natural characteristics of timber such as warping, rotting and shrinking (average new building loses 3m3 of water in the first month). 


The perfect choice when tiling in a bathroom or wet room


For many years the tiling industry struggled with objections from clients about raising floor levels when tiling over timber surfaces. Some in the industry tried using crack mats or disconnecting systems but these were not designed to counter the level of deflection which can be found in timber floors. N&C Nicobond created a revolution in the marketplace with the introduction of Nicobond Plastic Ply, the world’s first timber reinforcing system. This allows the floor to be raised by only 2mm, where the tiles can then be tiled directly onto the surface.


Easy to use and install..