Pedestal Systems

Pedestal Systems

The Nicobond Terra Level Pedestal System offers an innovative solution for a stable, high-quality and long term fixing of raised floors using 20mm porcelain tiles. This is the ideal system for patios, balconies and other exterior living spaces in both domestic and commercial projects. This system allows you to be able to create an elevated tiled area in days instead of weeks with a fast and easy installation, where there is no need for mortars or adhesives, saving you a lot of time on the job as no drying or curing time is required.

Benefits and features of this system include:


  • Easy to use as only 6 items within the system
  • Quick so reduces labour time 
  • Ability to raise a floor 1cm to 103cm above existing floor level
  • Versatile as contractor can construct the pedestal onsite to the correct height 
  • Clean to use as no adhesive required
  • Can be fitted in all seasons
  • No need to breach the substrate before installation 
  • Tidy finish, as pipework can be hidden underneath the system
  • Superior stability of the system 
  • Cost effective
  • No fixings required to secure the system 
  • Run utilities and drainage pipes under the raised floor 
  • Flow of air under raised floor helps avoid stagnant water collection under the floor 
  • No need to grout, so allows water to be drained without falls built in
  • Exterior areas can be levelled to internal floors without breaching building regulations due to drainage 
  • If the substrate“flexes” or “expands/ contracts”, the system “moves” with it, so no cracking tiles or grout joints
  • Use the system to the existing flow or a slope can be corrected
  • Slopes of up to 10° can be compensated for using 1mm shims
  • Floors can be corrected at any time if the substrate moves using 1mm shims 
  • Tiles can be removed at any time with a slab lifter 
  • Manufactured from high quality, high strength plastic composite



View our installation video online today to see just how fast and easy the system is to install.