Nicobond Tanking Sheet

Nicobond Tanking Sheet

Nicobond Tanking Sheet

Offers protection against moisture penetration as part of a wateright barrier solution that also includes key components such as waterproofing membrane, tape, internal and external corners and pipe collars. The Tanking Sheet covers surfaces subject to movement such as chipboard, plywood, and timber floor.


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Features & Benefits

  • Part of the Nicobond Wet Room Tanking System
  • Excellent protection against water penetration
  • UV resistant polyethlene
  • Colour: Red
  • Covers surfaces subject to movement
  • such as chipwood, plywood and timber floors
  • Good crack bridging properties
  • Low vapour permeability
  • 750mm x 10m roll


The perfect choice for a watertight wet room...


Wet Rooms have become increasingly popular throughout the UK, as this type of showering area creates the "WOW" factor throughout any kind of showering space. With Nicobond Tanking Sheet you can ensure that your wet room is not only attractive but is watertight too!






Easy to use and install..