Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment Systems

Say goodbye to limescale & corrosion!

Scale Defender is a new & economic way to deal with hard water. Scale Defender protects the whole house, including the heating system, against the build up of limescale by adding a small quantity of a consumable solution (less than 5 ppm), which neutralises (seals) calcium and magnesium, preventing the formation of limescale. Scale Defender is very effective, small & easy to fit, low maintenance & evironmentally friendly. The water stays 100% safe for drinking (under British Standard BS-EN 1212) & you save money.


Scale Defender is the ideal alternative to water softeners.

Water with high levels of calcium & magnesium is described as hard water. This can result in damage to common household appliances. Approximately 70% of the UK has hard water & residents suffer the inconveniences of limescale. In addition, high levels of calcium in the water can provoke or worsen existing skin irritations. You may also notice hair that is dull in appearance, despite regular washing.


Only the advantages of Calcium, No Deposits ...

Calcium & magnesium salts are minerals which are crucial for every human body & most of our Calcium comes from our daily drinking water. Until recently the only way to prevent limescale damage was by using expensive water softeners that eliminated calcium & magnesium from the water. In making the choice of Scale Defender you will be using an environmetally friendly system which requires no electricity, resulting in water you can safely drink from the tap. With Scale Defender the composition of the water does not change as the calcium & magnesium are not eliminated but simply sealed. The advantage is that once consumed, the minerals are broken down and absorbed by your body.


Extra safety with the NoCalc XL PrefilterPLUS system

During transport from source to user, water picks up dirt particles & impurities, causing wear and tear and also reducing the quality & taste of your drinking water. The Scale Defender prefilter removes all these and ensures optimal performance of the dosing system. Joined together they extend the lifetime of your sanitary installation, taps, hot water appliances and pumps.


  • Completely safe for drinking water (British Standard BS-EN 1212)

  • Easy to fit and low maintenance

  • No electricity needed

  • Long life cartridges (up to 40m3 = 40,000 litres)

  • Electronic sound warning (optional) when cartridge needs replacing

  • Extends the life of appliances: dishwasher, washing machine, central heating boiler, boiler, etc.

  • Glasses and cutlery stay like new

  • Cleaner bathroom, shower and kitchen

  • Tackling limescale saves energy, reducing cost on energy bills***

  • Save up to 30% of your normal soap and cleaning products

  • Softer skin and reduces skin irritations

  • Recommended for sensitive or irritated skins

  • Improves the taste of drinking water

  • Comes as a full starter set – low price

  • Provides filtered drinking water; filters out sand, grit and impurities.