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Colour Trend Forecast

Understanding current and future colour trends and designs allows us to make premature decisions to ensure that our products never grow out of style. With thorough research and development, we can assure you that by shopping with us at N&C you will be guaranteed a home design that friends and family will envy!


What are colour trends?

Forecasting colour trends involve a discipline of skills from the worlds of both Design and Social Science. Professional forecasters research areas of global social issues, planned future events and the latest concept designs, to name a few, which make up everyday trends in fashion, interiors and so on. 



For a delicate effect, select softer tones of white/cream, light cappuccino, and mint pastel green to create an optimum effect. The brightness of these colours create a welcoming invitation into the home making rooms look bigger and brighter.  This design concept fools the eye and makes any interior and exterior area seem more spacious then they really are.




The hot metal colours which create warmth within the home will continue to dominate for years on end. Rose Gold, Brass, Copper and Gold are best used when combined with natural raw materials such as wood and marble. This long lasting trend can create the wow factor within your home with its expensive look yet warm feel.


Multiple shades of grey conform to the natural palette replicating grey winter mornings. Dusted tones blended with the colour blue create a timeless look. However, for those looking for more intensity with your design, emerge your greys with bright contrasting colours to add a creative pop of colour to add a dash of positive energy.


Natural colours and material help to keep your home looking consistently fresh and clean. Natural materials such as wood help to create a contemporary simplistic look. Our fragile essence seeks for products which naturally unwind, comfort and relax us. We call on nature not just to inspire but to collaborate within the design and feel within our homes.