Rubi DU200 Evo 650 Electric Wet Tile Cutter 230v-50hz Uk (55905)

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Electric wet saw with built-in foldable legs, wheels and handle for easy transport and handling. External water tank rather than in the bed of the machine means an easy to empty, fill and clean water source. Motor assembly mounted on sliding bearings and foldable for mitre cuts plus lateral stop for repetitive cuts and adjustable square from 0 to 45°. Direct drive motor with thermal overheat protector and reinforced chassis. Corrugated tube to protect power cable and water pipe. Equipped with Rubi C³ System - the most effective cooling and cleaning system for blades. Front blade cooling diffuser with 5 positions depending on the hardness of the material.


Comes complete with CEV-SUPERPRO diamond disc Ø 200 mm suitable for cutting ceramic tiles.  For cutting regular thickness procelain (8 - 12mm thick) we would recomend Rubi Hard Materials Turbo Viper Diamond Blade TVH200 Superpro (31936)

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