Nicobond Starlike evo Extreme Performance Grout White 2.5kg

Nicobond Starlike evo Extreme Performance Grout White 2.5kg
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Order a 90 x 8mm grout channel sample with free delivery for only £1.00 each


Nicobond Starlike evo Grout is an easy to use extreme performance grout that can also be used as an adhesive.  The grout is made from fine coloured glass beads and a resin for an ultra-smooth finish. With ultra low VOC emissions, Nicobond Starlike evo safeguards the quality of air in the home and in the environment. Nicobond Starlike Grout is waterproof, stain & mould resistant and is extremely easy to clean. It has superb acid resistant properties and is very easy to mix, apply & clean off. When fully cured, Nicobond Starlike evo Extreme Performance Grout provides an attractive, smooth, durable and chemical resistant finish to the tiled surface.


Nicobond Starlike evo Grout can be used on walls and floors in kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories, swimming pools  - anywhere you need a hard wearing grout that will not stain.


You can also enhance the look of your grout by adding Special fx Glitters or Night Vision additive for 'glow in the dak grout'.


Using Nicobond Starlike evo Grout

  1. 1. Thoroughly mix the grout and resin in the bucket
  2. 2. Apply using an epoxy resin grout float
  3. 3. Remove any excess with the grout float
  4. 4. Clean off with an emulsifyng pad and a little water and then a damp sponge
  5. 5.After 24 hours clean off the grout film/ haze with Nicobnond Starlike Resin Cleaner and an emulsifying pad

A single sample channel of Nicobond Starlike evo Extreme Perfromance Grout is available for this colour.  Grout face of channel is 90 x 8mm in size.  Click ORDER SAMPLE to order.

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