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Nicobond Screedpro Level Floor Powder 20kg

Nicobond Screedpro Level Floor Powder 20kg
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A premium, self smoothing, pre-aggregated, fast setting compound which can be laid up to 50mm in one single application providing an even base suitable for ceramic/porcelain and natural stone tile installations. ScreedPro Level Floor is a cement based smoothing and levelling compound that is designed to rapidly smooth and level existing substrates prior to applying a floor finish. ScreedPro Level Floor is the perfect solution for renovation and making good a concrete or cement screeded floor prior to installing ceramic/ porcelain or natural stone floor tiles

Product Features*
Thickness: 2mm - 50mm
Foot Traffic: 2 hours
Drying Time: 8 - 12 hours
Floor coverings:
Bonded 12 hours
Unbonded 8 hours
Fix Ceramics: 4 hours
Working Time: 20 - 30 mins

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