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Nicobond Screedpro Eco Level 30 Liquid 4.8kg

Nicobond Screedpro Eco Level 30 Liquid 4.8kg
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A premium two part, low odour, high strength, highly flexible, rapid drying and setting compound with exceptional flow.
ScreedPro EcoLevel 30 is a two part, OPC free, fast drying and setting compound designed for smoothing uneven floors prior to the installation of floor coverings. ScreedPro EcoLevel 30 is formulated using unique binder technology and contains carefully graded aggregates, fillers and gauging liquid polymer dispersion. This product is suited to installers who prefer Latex based compounds with the attributes of flexibility, good flow and the capability of installing impervious floor coverings in short time scales. ScreedPro EcoLevel 30 also offers unique fast drying characteristics at lower temperatures, where other manufacturers compounds would have greatly extended drying times.

  • Rapid Setting
  • Excellent Flow
  • Protein Free
  • Added Fibres
  • High Flexibility
  • Low Odour
  • OPC Free
  • Rapid Drying

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