Extend your living areas from indoors to outdoors

The transition from your indoor to outdoor areas can be made seamless with our brand NEW innovative system, Nicobond Terra Level Pedestal. This new system allows you to create a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors whilst creating a gorgeous high end finish, which allows for easier level access for all.

Introducing tiles to the outdoors is something that has become increasingly popular over the last year, with many more tiling professionals using larger format tiles in areas such as balconies, gardens, patios and much more. However, more often than not in family homes and care homes the step outside into these types of areas is sometimes problematic or hassle for those who cannot manoeuvre as easily, for example wheelchair users or children. Therefore, it is almost essential to make both your indoors and outdoors completely level and you can do this by using our new system.


Nicobond Terra Level Pedestal System allows you to elevate your floors outside and is quick and easy to use. It’s raised platform allows for pipework to be hidden underneath making the final look neat and tidy. This system can be laid onto virtually any surface, creating several different effective looks including fully bonded, loosely laid for lawns, pathways or decorative greenhouse subfloors or loosely laid on to gravel.

Benefits of the system include:


Fast installation
No need for mortars or adhesives, so no drying or curing time and can be fitted in wet and cold conditions.


Easy installation
No need to breach the substrate before installing the system, so no heavy plant or machinery needed.


Flexible heights
Heights from 1cm to 103cm can be safely achieved and slopes up to 10° can be compensated, suitable in nearly all situations


High stability
No moving or self-levelling parts, so the elevated floor tiles are unable to move, offering long term stability and no need for any future adjustments.


Exceptional drainage
Joints created naturally during the installation process means water can easily drain away, so pooling of water will not occur.


Permanent ventilation
Voids created below the elevated floor allows for free movement of air, so the area always dries quickly.


Services management
Space created below an elevated floor allows services to remain hidden and protected, so no unsightly cable or pipe trip hazards.


Special construction
Pedestals are made from special plastics, so each one can carry 1 metric tonne in weight.


For more information on our Nicobond Terra Level Pedestal System contact us today on info@nichollsandclarke.com, or call us on 0208 586 4600.

View our installation video today.