Heat My Home Undertile Heating Mat 160W/M (To Cover 1.5m2)

Heat My Home Undertile Heating Mat 160W/M (To Cover 1.5m2)
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Heat my Home heating mats are an efficient heat source and are easy to install. The heating mat is designed to provide a thermal output of either 160 or 200 W/m². The recommended output depends on the degree of insulation in the home, the floor type and how the space is used. Whatever the choice of heating mat, the heat supply and output are controlled by the thermostat. It is possible to connect several heating mats to the same thermostat. However, the total wattage on one thermostat may not exceed 3600 W, but that will be enough to cover almost any size of room. The electrician can make a minor adjustment in the rare cases where more power is required, e.g. for very large rooms. The heating mat must not be laid right up to the wall, so you only need to calculate around 90% of the total area of floor to be covered by the heating mat. Heating mats cannot be installed under fixed installations on the floor, so if there are any of these in your room, you must subtract this area from the room size. It is important to ensure that the heating mat is not larger than the room, because you cannot cut the cable to shorten it. You can only cut into the mesh between the cables to twist and turn the heating mat when rolling it from wall to wall. Advantages of heating mats: • Ideal for rectangular rooms. • Easy installation – straight on top of existing stable floors. • Only adds around 7–10 mm in height incl. tile adhesive or screed. • The heating mat provides fast thermal regulation of the floor. • The installation is maintenance-free. • The product is reliable and comes with a 15-year warranty. If you need further information please contact us for a product data sheet.

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