Heat My Home Undertile Heating Cable 450W (To cover 3-4.5m2)

Heat My Home Undertile Heating Cable 450W (To cover 3-4.5m2)
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The Heat my Home heating cable can be installed directly onto all types of existing, stable floor and can be covered with screed or tile adhesive. The cable is delivered loose on a spool, which provides high flexibility and easy installation when working around fixed installations on the floor. The cable is fixed to the cleaned subfloor using either a strong double adhesive tape or glue, for example a glue gun. Detailed installation instructions are supplied with the product. The heating cable should not be placed right against the wall, which is why it is only necessary to calculate approx. 90% of the total floor area for covering with the heating cable. Remember that you cannot cut the heating cable, so it is important that the heating cable is carefully adjusted to the room's net area for installation. It is possible to vary the effect across the floor, with hotter and less hot zones, if desired. The effect per m² can be adjusted by changing the spacing between the cables. Advantages of 3.5 mm heating cable: • Flexible installation. • Easy to customise to all room types. • Easy installation – straight on top of existing stable floors. • Only adds around 7–10 mm in height incl. tile adhesive or screed. • Installation is maintenance-free. • The heating cable provides quick thermal regulation of the floor. • The product is reliable and subject to a 15-year warranty. If you need further information please contact us for a product data sheet.

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