Nicholls and Clarke Glass


Rustic, strong, captivating and durable


Billions of years ago volcanic lava flowed across the land, where superheated clay deposits mixed with the volcanic ash and slowly cooled into layers. These layers are what we now know as slate and are formed over thousands of years. These layers can then be easily split into slabs and then again split into thinners sheets and cut into the tile form that we see today. For centuries slate has then be used as a wall and floor covering, offering a dynamic and rustic feel for a timeless appeal.


Slate appears in many colours and are available from a sophisticated black through to multi-colour reds and golds, where each tile can be dramatically different to the next to emphasise its natural origins.


Most natural stone products will need specific fixing and sealing and we would be happy to help you with any advice to ensure your specific product is fixed and sealed correctly so that its natural beauty can be maintained.